Lives of saints cont…

Staffordshire Bill… What a name! Bill had drunk alcohol everyday of his life since 14 years old. His language was so foul that he sat alone in the pub or club, since no one wanted to join him. And so,one Sunday he was sat alone in the Working men’s Club, next to Bethlehem Chapel,
Sandfields. On the next table,he heard a man say to his friends: “I went to the chapel next door, last week and that Doctor (Lloyd Jones) said, ‘there is nobody too bad for Jesus.’ The words pierced sour old Bill, who put his pint down and started for the chapel. As the meeting had begun he was loathe to go in. He targeted the next Sunday evening but was again late. On the third week he was on time,went in, (Lloyd Jones was not preaching) heard the Good News of Jesus and was changed. His new life resulted in a new lifestyle… The customary oaths and foul language gave way to praise, to the Saviour who had found him.

Lives of saints cont…

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