Thought for the day, lives of the saints cont…

In the days when Lloyd Jones ministered in Aberafan, he preached during the week in chapels and towns all over South Wales. Liberal theology was in the ascendancy, a gospel-denying philosophy. His teaching helped to stem and then turn the tide. In one chapel, he could feel the opposition from the Sedd Fawr, the Big Seat,occupied by the elders. Looking up he saw on the balcony the beaming face of a man who was drinking in the truth of the preached Word. Lloyd Jones just focused on him and was sustained. At the end of the meeting, Lloyd Jones couldn’t find him.
A few years later, Lloyd Jones experienced opposition in another place-and the same man appeared. Again, Lloyd Jones concentrated on the man. This time he left the pulpit early and found him. He was a Pentecostal pastor.
Do you realise that the way you listen and respond to God’s Word makes a difference?
Ask any preacher. But just as importantly, focus as you learn to listen actively to God’s Word, for your own growth in grace. Listening is an act of worship.

Thought for the day, lives of the saints cont…

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