Thought for the day!

Tozer’s family moved to a town called Akron, after the family farmhouse burned down. His neighbour, Mr Holman,was a Christian. After about 3 years,one day on the street, Mr Holman suddenly asked Tozer if he was a Christian, if he was converted. Tozer said ‘No’ but thanked him and said he would think seriously about it.
Sometime later, walking home from work, Tozer heard a street preacher who startled the young Tozer as he said, “if you don’t know how to be saved just call on God, saying, “God,be merciful to me a sinner”, and God will hear you.” Tozer went straight to his attic room and emerged a new creation in Christ Jesus.
When you think about Mr Holman and the street preacher, it’s not complex explanations of the gospel that God used but simple declarations. We can do that.

Thought for the day!

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