Thought for the day (Lives of the saints!)

John Bunyan was born in 1628 at Bedford and died there in 1688. He went to the local Parish church, served 3 years with the Roundheads but had little interest in spiritual things. His wife, like Bunyan, was poor and brought little into the marriage except 2 Puritan books. These began to awaken something in Bunyan. In his work as a tinker, one day he heard 4 women from a local Baptist Meeting discuss their faith. For the next 2 years he was under conviction of sin (see John 16:7-9). No wonder he could write so graphically about Pilgrim’s burden rolling off his back when he knelt at the cross – (Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is the most published book outside of the Bible). It was after that 2 year period that Bunyan was converted, joined the Baptists, became a preacher and was imprisoned-for preaching! His classic work was developed in that 12 year stint in Bedford Gaol.

Pete Davies

Thought for the day (Lives of the saints!)

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