Thought for the day!

” A perverse man spreads strife,
And a whisperer separates close friends.”

‘Truth’ in the Bible means ‘doctrinal truth'(=The Truth) and ‘moral truth'(=truthfulness). In both departments the church can suffer from ‘Truth Decay’. That is particularly so in the case of the whisperer, who tells half – truths, insinuates and, through their work, separates followers of Christ and divides churches.
So what do you do? Encourage the whisperer to come and talk with the person that they are talking about. And when they will not do that, you will know that they are not concerned with truthfulness. Why let them take you out of fellowship with those you love and who love you?
Why let them take you out of church?
Wake up and smell the coffee – and recognise the whisperer before you get damaged, before relationships get ruined and the name of God gets blasphemed.

Thought for the day!

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