Thought for the day!

Healing and hurts.
We marvel at the healing that some Christians have experienced, in terms of emotional healing. God has done such a work of grace in them that, when you discover their back story, you are truly amazed.
Then others appear to hold on to ” hurts” and never let them go. Do they never actually surrender them to God? Do they hold on because that is a means of receiving attention? Will they always be ‘victims’? Or can they be ‘victors’ in Christ? Should we ask the question,as Jesus once did,”Do you WANT to be made well?”
An experienced, elderly pastor who, with the circumstances in his life, could have played the victim card, once said to me:” There IS a life of victory to be lived in the Holy Spirit.”
Healing or hurts? What defines us?

Pete Davies

Thought for the day!

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