Thought for the day!

Are you a ‘Lover of God”? Then Luke’s Gospel was written just for you!
Luke writes to ” Most excellent Theophilus” and ‘Theophilus’ translates as ” lover of God”, which was possibly a code word for believers. Luke tells us that many have compiled narratives of the recent life-changing Jesus event; he has done his own research and his book is the result. (Well the first volume of a two volume work……. Acts will follow.)
Why does he write to Theophilus? “That you may have certainty in the things you have believed.” (V.4) His record and writing has this aim: the assurance and understanding of the believer. We do not believe in myths and fairy tales but in certain historical facts, with Divine and human acts. Doctor Luke (see Colossians 4:14), who has been called ‘historian and theologian’, has meticulously researched his subject for your benefit.
With its record of the birth narratives of John the Baptizer and Jesus the Messiah, now is a good time of year to pick up your Bibles, find Luke, read it and be assured……..

Pete Davies

Thought for the day!

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