Thought for the day!

At the start of Luke’s Gospel there are, in the main, two human characters: an elderly priest, Zechariah,and a young woman, Mary. They are linked because Zechariah’s wife, Elisabeth, is related to Mary. However, they have another thing in common: they are both visited and spoken to by the archangel, Gabriel.
In their angelic encounters they also have something further in common, in that they both ask the question “How?”, in response to Gabriel’s announcements. Then why does Zechariah receive the punishment of muteness, whilst Mary is given a further explanation? We can only deduce that the priest expressed the doubt of unbelief, while the young Mary posed the question out of inquiring faith. And what an answer: “the child to be born will be called holy,the Son of God.”
It is OK to ask questions, to ask ‘how’ or ‘why’, but ask them in the right spirit-and with faith.


Pete Davies

Thought for the day!

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