Thought for the day!

Luke 2:36-38

Luke is not finished with the devotion and insight of the aged yet. We meet Anna, further proof that God always has a remnant of faithful people. She seems to have been widowed early, after only 7 years of marriage, and given herself to fasting and prayer. She is at least 84 (depending on how the Greek text is read, some would say about 105) when Luke introduces her in the Temple precincts at Jerusalem, where she is a constant presence.
Like Simeon, she too recognises the Saviour in the baby brought to the Temple – and she speaks openly of Him to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem. Her insight is matched by her outgoing witness-is yours and mine? Knowing Jesus – and making Him known. That is to be a joyful task not an onerous duty. We need to be intentional in communicating the wonder of Jesus; not as religious ‘nags’ but being ready and prepared for those Divine appointments. Why not pray for Divine appointments?
That would be a good resolution to have.


Pete Davies

Over and out until New Year

Thought for the day!

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