Thought for the day!

Psalm 27:8

David’s response to the invitation to seek God’s face takes us back to Moses in Exodus 33, to his yearning cry: “Show me your glory”! God accommodates Moses and hides him in the cleft of a rock, whilst His glory passes by. But Moses sees only the rear, “For no man shall see My face and live.”
It is God’s MERCY not meanness which gives this restriction. For God to show Himself fully would mean death for Moses. (And that is for a godly and meek man, who is yet a sinner!) God will progressively reveal Himself over the centuries, through prophet and Psalmist……. and then fully through His Son, who will deal, in MERCY, with our sin. Until then, David continues to respond “your face, Lord, I seek!”



Pete Davies


Thought for the day!

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