Thought for the day!

Psalm 27

How often do we miss the meaning of Scripture because it is lost in translation? The ESV follows the Hebrew text of Psalm 27:8, which is difficult and also different from the Greek text. If we follow the , then what it does do is translate : “You said, ‘You (this is plural) seek my face'”. 

So what we lose in translation is the fact that the command is plural, probably summarising God’s commandment to All of Israel:
“You, all of you,seek My face.”
David puts his hand up to say, “I will!” There is a resonance in his heart with the invitation of God. Does your heart and mine have that same resonance? For the same invitation to fellowship with God is given to us?
The invitation in the OT was not just given to King David, to Nathan and Gad the prophets, to Zadok and the priests only, but to all Israel. So today, God’s call is to ALL His people.
“Seek My face”….. we seek God and see Him in Jesus, the Only Son, who has revealed Him.(John 1:18).


Pete Davies

Thought for the day!

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