Thought for the day!

David’s desire to seek God is echoed by other OT voices. Amos exhorted religious Israel:
“Seek God and live. But do not seek Bethel, And do not seek Gilgal….” Amos 5:4-6
It is WHO we are seeking, not what we are seeking. Bethel was the place where God had met Jacob but was now a sanctuary, set up by Jeroboam, with false worship. Religious experience or formality is not an end in itself but it had become so in Israel.
Gilgal was where Israel crossed the Jordan miraculously, the place of renewed commitment. But Israel now needed not ‘Gilgal’ but the God who met with them at Gilgal. God is more awesome than His holy places.
We must constantly guard our hearts and not keep things going out of a sense of mere tradition, out of ‘we have always done it this way’.
Seek God Himself…….. and truly live.


Thought for the day!

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