Thought for the day!

Gen 33:10

Jacob decided that it was time to leave uncle Laban’s house and return to Canaan. On the way, his trepidation surfaced as he realised that he had to face his brother Esau. Would Esau still be angry after all Jacob’s deceit and trickery?
Esau-ungodly, unspiritual, immoral (Hebrews 12:16f.)- reflected something of the image of God. When he embraced Jacob, kissed him and wept, then Jacob was moved to say: “….. I have seen your face, which is like seeing the face of God”.
Jacob, it seemed, thought that he faced condemnation, rejection, vengeance and punishment. But from his wronged brother he found mercy, forgiveness and acceptance. That mirrors the nature of God in an episode both wonderful and tragic…..
Tragic: in that a fallen man can reflect the nature of God but miss out on a living relationship to God (think of an ungodly man saving a toddler from oncoming traffic by losing his own life).
Wonderful: in that the forgiveness, mercy, pardon and acceptance that we find in God despite all our sin, deceit and wrongdoing should be so mirrored in the life of an ordinary, dysfunctional family.


Pete Davies

Thought for the day!

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