Thought for the day (lives of the saints)

Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon was married. His wife was an invalid most of her life and hardly heard Spurgeon preach. Their two sons became pastors.
Spurgeon also founded an orphanage, edited a magazine, produced over 140 books, responded to 500 letters a week,often preaching in various churches 10 times a week as well as his own. Was his life plain sailing?  No! He suffered from gout, rheumatism and Bright’s disease and was so sick for the last 20 years of his ministry that he missed a third of all Sunday’s at Metropolitan Tabernacle.
It’s easy to feel breathless thinking of Spurgeon’s output. But just remember that God is with you in your good health or your affliction, giving you significance and blessing your works.
Genesis: 39:21 “And the Lord was with Joseph.” 4x it says that-in the darkest places and at the darkest times,with the strength and help needed.

Thought for the day (lives of the saints)

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